As vezes não basta falar o mesmo idioma para conseguir se comunicar. Os jornalistas da The Economist analisaram a fala dos brasileiros sob perspetiva do seu real significado. Leiam as conclusões embaixo.


What Brazilians say: Yes (Sim)

What foreigners hear: Yes

What Brazilians mean: Anything from yes through perhaps to no


What Brazilians say: Perhaps (Talvez)

What foreigners hear: Perhaps

What Brazilians mean: No


What Brazilians say: No (Não)

What foreigners hear (on the very rare occasion a Brazilian says it): No

What Brazilians mean: Absolutely never, not in a million years, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever been asked


What Brazilians say: I’m nearly there (Tô chegando)

What foreigners hear: He’s nearly here

What Brazilians mean: I’ve set out


What Brazilians say: I’ll be there in ten minutes (Vou chegar em dez minutinhos)

What foreigners hear: He’ll be here soon

What Brazilians mean: Some time in the next half-hour I’ll get up off the sofa and start looking for my car keys


What Brazilians say: I’ll show up later (Vou aparecer mais tarde)

What foreigners hear: He’ll be here later

What Brazilians mean: I won’t be coming


What Brazilians say: Let’s stay in touch, ok? (A gente se vê, vamos combinar, ta?)

What foreigners hear: He’d like to stay in touch (though, puzzlingly, we don’t seem to have swapped contact details)

What Brazilians mean: No more than a Briton means by: “Nice weather, isn’t it?”


What Brazilians say: I’m going to tell you something/ Let me tell you something/ It’s the following/ Just look and you’ll see (Vou te falar uma coisa/ Deixa te falar uma coisa/ É o seguinte/ Olha só pra você ver)

What foreigners hear (especially after many repetitions): He thinks I’m totally inattentive or perhaps mentally deficient

What Brazilians mean: Ahem (it’s just a verbal throat-clear)


What Brazilians say:  A hug! A kiss!  (Um abraço! Um beijo!)

What foreigners hear: I’ve clearly made quite an impression—we’ve just met but he/she really likes me!

Waht Brazilians mean: Take care, cheers, bye


What Brazilians say: You speak Portuguese really, really well! (Você fala português super-bem!)

What foreigners hear: How great! My grammar and accent must be coming on a lot better than I thought

What Brazilians mean: How great! A foreigner is trying to learn Portuguese! Admittedly, the grammar and accent are so awful I can barely understand a word… but anyway! A foreigner is trying to learn Portuguese[1]!

[1] Portuguese for the perplexed em The Economist,, 13.06.2013.

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